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Important Announcements
ESC Cardiovascular Realities 2020 – just published
COVID-19 and heart health: A new public campaign coming soon

We are delighted to announce the release of ESC Cardiovascular Realities 2020 which you can access here.

As you know, this publication is the ‘public face’ of the much larger ESC Atlas of Cardiology. It concisely illustrates why cardiovascular disease needs to be a health priority and how decision-makers can take action that will make a meaningful difference. The document – with key messages and supporting data  –  will be sent to you shortly to help you push the cardiovascular agenda in your own country. If the ESC can further support your initiatives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Atlas team.

This important publication would not exist without the hard work and collaboration of our National Cardiac Societies. We offer our profound gratitude for your unstinting efforts and ongoing support. 

In addition, we would like you to know that the ESC is currently preparing a public awareness campaign under the working title “You can´t pause a heart”. The campaign will feature a short video for the public encouraging people that, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to seek immediate medical help in case of chest pain. The ESC is creating the campaign to support your own efforts during this challenging period and we have ensured that it is easy to translate. We will send you the video and other campaign material as soon as they become available.

With best wishes,

Stephan Achenbach
ESC President

ESC Vice Presidents

Francesco Cosentino
Silvia Priori
Petar Seferović


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Grants for centres of excellence in ESC member countries

ESC Research Grant
Dr Fabio Marsico describes how his grant improved his research skills and created a network that he still works with today.
Grants of €25,000 allow medical graduates and researchers to move between institutes to enhance their cardiovascular research. More information.

ESC Nursing Training Grant
Martha Kyriakou used her grant to move to Cambridge, collaborate on two projects and finish her Phd proposal. These grants provide €25,000 for cardiovascular nurses to attain a "life-changing experience". Find out more.

ESC Training Grant
By undertaking his training grant in the Netherlands, Tomaz Podlesnikar improved his knowledge in imaging modalities and now applies what he learned in his native Slovenia.
Grants of €25,000 are aimed at medical graduates in cardiology who have completed most of their cardiology development. More information.

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